Take the Carma Campus Class Analyze to learn how to measure, test and follow up your email send outs.

Analyze - introduction

In addition to the effect opportunities, email marketing’s real forte is the unlimited possibilities for follow up, along with the conveniently simple tools that enable you to use the statistics for planning...

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ROI – what you get back

There are different ways of measuring how well our email marketing takes us toward our goals. A common measurement for comparing different types of activities is ROI, Return on Investment...

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Different types of KPIs

KPIs, Key Performance Indicators, are measurements used to evaluate specific marketing activities and follow their progress. Before we discuss different kinds of measurements, let’s think about our objectives...

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Test to achieve even better results

When using A/B split testing (explained below), there is much to learn regarding meeting the customers’ behaviors and eventually reaching a better conversion rate. However, companies often forget that...

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Test your event driven communications

The event driven or data driven email marketing will not be sent in bulk, like newsletters and campaigns, but one message at a time when a recipient ts a criterion for receiving an email...

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