What is Carma Marketing automation planner and what can I use it for?

Carma Marketing Automation planner is a great tool when you have one or more customer life cycle flows. It helps you to easily create, expand and overview your flows.

Basically, the planner is a window to view your autosends, transactionals and/or microsites. Instead of just having, let’s say, all your different autosends listed in the autosend view you can tie the ones that belongs to the same customer lifecycle flow to a map. And if you have a transactional sendout connected to the same lifecycle flow you also can tie this sendout to the planner and view the whole flow as a time line.

You can also overview the statistics for each sendout tied to the map.

How to setup a Marketing automation planner


Please note! To use the planner you must have a Carma Premium account and one or more of the features Autosend, Transactional and Microsite activated. Contact support@compost.se if you have any questions regarding your account and/or its features.