Templates - an overview

The email templates can be considered the blue prints of your editor, i.e. what is possible to edit in “Content view”. Depending on the template you have access to different blocks and elements within the blocks. We offer a variety of templates, so we could not possibly cover all of them here, but the most commonly used are:

The standardized responsive templates

Responsive templates adjusts to smaller screens, which means that the content is the same on both desktop and mobile. On smaller screen responsive images tend to go full width and blocks align vertically to fit. Depending on the CSS, text can be rendered larger or smaller.

We offer a couple of different responsive templates, so you can be sure to find one that suits your needs. They are all developed with current best practices in mind, and we spent a lot of hours researching and testing them. Responsive means that the content shown in desktop and mobile is the same.

Customized responsive or hybrid template

Since these are made to order, the different customized templates vary quite a lot. They are all thoroughly tested and responsive, with great rendering in close-to-all devices and clients. When ordering a custom template – remember to consider your future needs as well as your present, so that these can also be included in the template.

Customized dual content template

Easily recognized by having a desktop and a mobile view, the dual content template lets you design a completely different look for mobile devices if you would want so. However, support for the mobile view is limited to iPhones and due to the code-heavy nature of the template, we do recommend going for responsive templates instead.

(Ye olde) Carma standardized templates

While the older models of Carma Standard template still works, we no longer offer them. Since they are also dual content, but less developed than its’ customized later models, they are code-heavy and slightly limited in what they can do. Once upon a time we also offered a standardized template without mobile version or rendition – we do not support or offer this anymore, and we would hope that you leave this fossil in the tar pits.

If you’re unsure of which template type you have, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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