Content creativity

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Personalize more – a few quick steps

Yes, we know that you already know that personalization is the best way to reach your recipients. But it’s also a matter of time – you may not have time to collect data and analyze it right now...

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What about the subject line?

Are there good subject lines and if so, how can you ensure yours are doing the work? With a good subject line, you can get 10-20% higher open rate so it is worth spending some time considering...

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Really, what is a good content?

What is a good email? One of our most frequently asked questions is if there is ONE email design that’s better than others. The answer often depend on what we mean with better...

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Stimulate several senses

Keeping our focus on the recipient’s experience of our email marketing, there are more tools to work with than text and images. One that comes to mind easily is videos and perhaps even more animated gifs...

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Let others do the talking

One way of telling your recipients about what you want to sell or convey that is both pleasant and effective is letting someone else speak about your product, your service, your business or your organization...

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