Test your event driven communications

The event driven or data driven email marketing will not be sent in bulk, like newsletters and campaigns, but one message at a time when a recipient ts a criterion for receiving an email. Therefore, when you want to test those kinds of emails, other methods are needed. Compost recommends that you use different versions of the communications you want to test over a period of time, and then evaluate the results.

The period of time for testing depends on how often someone ts the criterion for receiving an email. If, say, you send out 1.000 order confirmations per day, a couple of days should give you reliable results. If you send out 100 confirmations per day, your test period should be quite a bit longer.

Both content and subject line can be tested in event driven communications too. You can also experiment with including different types of upselling techniques in these activities.

Another good idea is to build a library of different versions that can be adjusted according to season, segmentation or factors that in uence what you want to tell your recipients.

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