Create segment - link category segment

Link categories is a great way to collect and track down what “ares of interest” your different recipients have, based on the types of the links they click in your different send outs. By adding categories to your different links you define what types of links you are providing your recipients. And by creating segments based upon the different categories you can easily customize your future content and make sure its being sent to the right recipient, the recipient that have shown interest in a specific area (or simliar) before.

To be able to create segments based on different link categories, you should start with defining suitable categories for your different links. You then add the category in the category input field in the editor, located beneath the URL input field.

Note: if you add space or comma / two words Carma will create two different categories

Learn more about categories.

To make the segment you select “recipient activity” and “clicked”/”not clicked” and add your category or categories.