Understanding your numbers

The statistical numbers are calculated on the following measurements:

Sent – the amount of recipients that Carma is trying to send to (bounces are not included in this number)

Opened – emails opened from the delivered emails. (mail opened is measured if you either load images and or click a link)

Clicked – amount of unique recipients that have clicked once or more in the email delivered. If a recipient clicks 10 times it is only measured as “1” here.

Total clicked – total amount of clicks per unique recipient. If a recipient clicks 10 times it is measured as “10” here.

Conversion – total amount of conversions based on unique conversions. If a recipient acts a second time within the same email the second conversion will be added.

Hard bounced – based on sent amount.

Soft bounced – based on sent amount.

Unsubscribed – based on delivered amount.

Complaints – based on delivered amount. Number for how many that clicked “spam” button in email client. Sets the recipient as unsubscribed.

% Opened – Opened / Delivered
% Clicked – Clicked / Opened
% Conversions – Conversions / Opened
% Hard Bounced – Hard Bounced / Sent
% Soft Bounced – Soft Bounced / Sent


The amount of recipients that can receive your email just looking at how many emails that were generated when you selected your list and segment. This is the amount of emails sent. Your emails are queued for send. Sometimes when sending large volumes you might see that it takes minutes or sometimes hours for the emails to be sent. Carma does not send emails to recipients in your list without an email address. If there still is some emails not sent days after you hit the send button, these recipients got an email address is not correctly formatted (i.e. vegarhotmail.com (without the “@” character)


There is only two ways of tracking an open and who has opened an email:

  • Carma adds a 1×1 pixel blank .gif in the email and when images are loaded Carma knows that the recipients has opened. This means that if the recipient do not download images and don’t click any links there is no way of knowing if the email has been read. Some might actually read your email but not taken any actions. So the number of opens must be looked at as a bit pessimistic number. There is probably more reading it.
  • If a recipient clicks in the email Carma track this as an open even if the recipient did not download images


Complaints are when recipients hit the spam button or similar. Read more about complaints here.