What is an autosend and what can I use it for?


Have you ever received one of those emails? We bet you have. And do you think the sender manually picks the recipients of those emails and then hit the “send birthday email”-button? Each day of the year? Nope, exactly. This is an automated process and also a type example of a Carma autosend.

An autosend is an automated sendout where Carma searches through your database i.e. each day through a segment to match specific recipients. If Carma finds a recipient in your database that matches the segment, the message will be sent. The day after Carma will run the process again. And the next day, and the next…

Autosend is great for different types customer lifecycle flows and it’s easy to combine with a transactional message. Let’s say you send order and delivery confirmations after a purchase and two weeks after the delivery confirmation was sent you want to ask your customer if he/she is happy with the purchase. Then this can easily be set up by using Carma segmentation and autosend.

After the setup is done you can lean back and automatically send relevant information to your customers, at the right time.

Read more about setting up an autosend here.