What is a transactional and what can I use it for?

Remember way back when you placed an order through some mail order company and you had to wait and wait and a week or so later you received an order confirmation (at the best)? Which with some luck even was correct? Nowadays, when making a purchase online, it’s quicker, A LOT quicker. In most cases you get the order confirmation sent to your inbox just a second after you hit the button.

That’s what Carma transactional is all about – sending an action based message (email/sms/push/inApp) to one specific recipient. An order confirmation is a type example of a transactional message.

The sendout and it’s content is made in Carma and your ecommerce platform setup the API connection from your website to Carma that fires the message. Very simple yet very powerful.
Psst. A bonus track is that since these kinds of emails overall has a very high open rate you can gain in deliverabilty for your all your Carma email sendouts.