Sender & reply addresses

Before setting up new sender and reply addresses, please read our best practise article on the subject.

Select Account settings from the main left menu. Select Sender and reply to addresses from the “set up” part. You need to be an account admin user to be able to do this. Contact your supervisor if you don´t know how to proceed with this.

Here is where you should create sender and reply to addresses based upon your added domain. Select “New address” to create new sender and reply address on one of your domains listed here.


When you have selected to verify its existence with an email, Carma will automatically send an email to the address and in this email you should click the link and the address will get verified.

This is the recommended for best deliverability.

Now you can set your different sender and addresses as default for one or more of your different email and SMS projects (under Projects in main left menu).