What is Carma Conversion tracking and what can I use for?

What is conversion tracking?

I guess you want to know the effectiveness of your campaigns. If you segment your emails correctly and send your recipients emails they want, they click your emails. However, clicks are not the last action performed by your visitors. Visitors might purchase some items from your website after they click on the link. Conversion tracking answers the question of how many clicks result in an actual purchase, sign-up/registration, lead, viewing of a key page, or some other valuable actions.


When you have access to conversion data in your reports, you can make smarter decisions, particularly about what emails and segments you invest in. Given better data, you can better measure your overall return on investment (ROI) for your email campaigns.

For example, Bob owns an online business that sells eBooks. He knows how many clicks his email campaign gets, but would like to know which emails and links are converting to sales. With basic conversion tracking, Bob can get this valuable information. With customized conversion tracking, he can also report the amount of each sale and get the total revenue generated by each of his emails and links.


For more information about how to implement Carma Conversion Tracker, read more in our API forum.