AB(CD)-test - Best Practice

What is this?

The AB(CD)-test functionality will automatically choose the best subject line or the best email content for your send out and make sure that the effect is maximized. This based on either click rate or open rate during a chosen period of time.
You can do AB-test, ABC-test and yes, also ABCD-test. So no more headaches, let Carma’s Split Test do the optimization for you and your email communication!

Best practice?

This is a tricky question with many variations of answers. The “correct” answer depends on the type of business, type of communication, frequency of the communication etc.
Nevertheless, below are some basic “Good to knows”:


As for any campaign, the planning is crucial. What is the goal for the AB(CD)-test? How will you know if the goal is reached? Plan ahead and let the functionality help you along the way to reach your goal.

Target groups

The tests will help you understand your target group better! The better you know your target groups, the better effect will your email campaigns give you. One interesting thing is also if you know your target group really good from the beginning. In this case the test will help you sharpen your communication even more!


What was the last communication? Make sure that you define how the next communication should affect the recipients. If you have that plan ready, then use AB(CD)-test to get the best possible effect of the campaign!

Size of the list

For this functionality to work in Carma you will need at least 5000 recipients in your list. And needless to say, the larger lists you have the more accurate will the AB(CD)-tests be.


For more information on how you create a AB(CD)-test in Carma – Please click here!