Mobile number formatting for SMS

The mobile numbers on your recipient lists should follow a certain structure in order for Carma to be able to send SMS.
Preferred is country prefix followed by numbers.

Preferred formatting:

Carma will do it’s best to also remove formatted data such as space or “-” between numbers:
0733 15 23 01 will result in 0733152301
0733-142301 will result in 0733152301

Make sure that Excel is not removing “0” or “00” in your Excel file column when saving:
0733152301 will result in 733152301 if your Excel column is set to not handle initial “0” which will result in the number being interpreted as from a foreign country and will be sent there instead.

Carma is not validating a mobilenumber based on length or in any other way manipulates the number series. So incorrect numbers may cause a send out attempt and may cause a cost for send out.

If you maybe not thought about sending SMS until now and therefore need to go through your mobile number formatting and maybe even change it. You can export your recipient lists and edit the mobile numbers in Excel before importing the corrected file back into Carma.