Magic mapping

When you set up your scheduled imports there is a functionality that makes Carma automatically generate new attributes from your file headers in case they do not exist in Carma already or have not been mapped to any existing attribute.

So, if you add a couple of brand new column headers and the scheduled import runs after you have finished the set up, the file column headers will be auto created as new attributes by Carma.

In this example our file has two new attributes, Discount_code and Discount_end_date, not existing in Carma before the import.

ID Email City Discount_code Discount_end_date
10 Berlin 6786-5874-6953 2017-11-13
11 Hamburg 4676-3563-0966 2017-11-14
12 Dresden 3569-9857-6564 2017-11-13

When the import runs and Carma detects the new file headers, the corresponding recipient attributes will be created.
The result in Carma in Recipients attribute after the import:

You can read more about Scheduled Imports here!