Dynamic http requests with Carma

Dynamic http requests with Carma

You can use carma recipient tags in combination with different API:s to create dynamic http requests

Below is an example based upon a dynamic integration with weather service worldweatheronline.com

A great way to include weather forecasts for where your recipients live/ are travelling to

The forecasts will be based on the value of the city property in this case.

So when you include below link with the recipient property parameters named {{contact.city}} and {{contact.lang}} and send it in an email to your recipient list, it will automatically bring in and render the weather forecast per recipient.

{{#dynamicHttp “http://api.worldweatheronline.com/free/v1/weather.ashx?q={{contact.city}}&format=json&num_of_days=5&lang={{contact.lang}}&key=67efa0f444793fdd43ecd777cb4a8b79c72cd0e4” true}}

This function is default set to true which means that if it will be any problems with returning code for the site you request, the email will be sent anyhow, but with not content.