Editor - Send/Schedule

From the Send tab in the editor you are able to schedule you email or send it right away. You will also get a summary of your settings so you can check them a final time before send out.



If you don’t want to send your email right away you can schedule it for later.

There you have two choices of scheduling:

– The first schedulation “Carma will create the campaign to everyone who is in your list right now and then send at:”, this is based upon an immediate generation on the recipient list but the email is on hold.

– The second schedulation “Carma will create and send the campaign to recipients who is in your list at the following time:”, this scheduling will wait with starting the generation on the recipient list until it’s the time you set for the send out.

You also have the opportunity to set the timezone of your scheduling to where you are in the world.

Cancel scheduled email
You can also Cancel your scheduled email if you want. You just click on the Option button and choose Cancel. You find that under Email -> Scheduled.
Then the email will end up under Draft again and you will be able to edit it as a regular draft again. After that you can scheduled it again or just send it right away.


Edit only Text version of the HTML email

Under Send you can also edit the text version of the email if that is necessary for you. When you are finished with you editing, just click on Done.
You do it by clicking on Edit here: