Version control

The automatic modules in Carma; transactionals and autosend, uses version control for updating messages. That means that you don’t need to create a new transactional or autosend setup when you want to update the content or settings of a message.
It also means that an activated message can’t be edited, instead you replace the message with a new message.
This enables you to view statitistics for each separate version.

When you want to change version you open your sendout and go to the Content tab.
At the top of the page you’ll see the active version for your sendout.

In some cases you might need to create a completely new version from scratch but in other cases you just want to copy the previous message and make some minor changes.
So, to create a new version you can:

copy (the active version, a draft or a deactivated version under Content history)
create new version

And then you edit your content and hit save.

Now your new version is awaiting activation under Drafts. In the options dropdown you choose Activate to activate your new version.

When you’ve activated the version you need to save the whole sendout setup. Carma will remind you of this: