Create segment - match all of/any of

In cases where you want to target recipients matching conditions x OR you can use the All of / Any of operator in the right menu.

In this simple example the recipients must match all of the conditions stated, i.e. the attribute CHECKIN_DATE with value tomorrow AND the attribute PAYMENT with value prepaid.

To then add conditions where at least one is a match, you click on All of / Any of from the right menu and choose the suitable operator and drag it to the droppable area.

Match all – the recipient must match all of the conditions
Match any – the recipient must match at least one of the conditions
Match at least X of  – e.g. if at least two of your three conditions must match
Match at most X of  – e.g. if at most two of your three conditions must match
Match exactly X of – e.g. if exactly two of your three conditions must match

Then you state your conditions as usual by choosing for example a recipient attribute or activity and edit the terms within.
The result is

The recipient must match CHECKIN_DATE is tomorrow AND PAYMENT is prepaid. And either have the value Oslo, Copenhagen OR Stockholm in the attribute HOTEL LOCATION.


Above example can also be achieved by using add value when stating the conditions of a recipient attribute match:

The overview will then be: