Recipient data

What data that should be included in your file depends on what data you wish to either be presented in the sending or what data should be used for segmenting the content of the send out.
Select only data that is relevant to your email content and segmentation needs to minimize unnecessary export and import time.

In some cases it’s only necessary to import email addresses or phone numbers. One requirement is that the recipients in your import file are identified by an ID, as Carmas OriginalID. This can be a primary key from a database or anything else that uniquely identify each recipient. The result of this is that the simplest import file must at least contain two columns (OriginalID and email address/phone number).

When no suitable ID for recipients can be found you can choose to identify recipients by their email address or phone number.
PLEASE NOTE: That this is an inferior method and by doing so recipients that change their email address or phone number will be treated as new recipients in the system.


First of all it’s vital that you know all about Carma OriginalID before deciding what and when to import a file to a list in Carma.
Read more about it here!